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travel on velodissee

Message par escounpo » sam. 12 mai 2018 20:22

Hello to everyone:)

Anyone travel on velodissee ?:)

I and my girlfriend are thinking to doing it this summer, for reasons of time we can do it only from roscoff to nantes or from nantes to bayonne,

what do you recommend?

thank you so much!

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Re: travel on velodissee

Message par vaber » sam. 12 mai 2018 21:34

Hello Escoumpo
sorry but I do not speak Sheaspire's language good luck for your travel
A+ Phil

On ne possède vraiment que ce que l'on sait...

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Re: travel on velodissee

Message par AngstromCyclo » dim. 13 mai 2018 08:35

Hi Escoumpo, our "etiquette" on this forum is to have newcomers introduce themselves prior to posting. Here is the place to do it.
It needs not be very long: who you are, what type of cycling you do, where you live.

Answering your question, I haven't done Velodysée but know a bit the area.
Brittany is one of the finest regions in France. Velodysée goes through Brittany from Roscoff to Nantes. However it does so by staying inland. Whilst this is lovely, it will skip the very "spirit" of Brittany by not letting you see the coastline, the hamlets and harbours.
From Nantes to Bayonne however, the Velodyssée will follow the coastline of Vendée region first, then Charentes and finally the Landes with their huge beaches.

Bretons on the forum might disagree but the weather is not the same. Usually less hot in the North, with a higher likelihood of rain. Also probably more people in the South.

Hope this helps.



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