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A short history of the
Confrérie des 650

History of the Confrérie     What is the 650B?     Why! the Confrérie?

History of the Confrérie des 650

     Created in 1995, " the Confrérie de 650C" has more than eight hundred and fifty members, in France, but also elsewhere in Europe and the World. It has two objects : the first (its main role) is the defence and promotion of the standard, a role in which it has already obtained positive results (see elsewhere), the second is to put into practice the spirit from within the most pure and dedicated cyclo-tourists, profound values of affection and conviviality.

     To guarantee the preservation and development of a wheel size of proven practicality, the 'Confrérie des 650' extends a welcome to all those amorous of charming rides, of superb journeys and long brevets in the comfort and serenity that can only be obtained from the particular sensation of the 650B and its warmth and rapport with other converts.

     Perfectly adaptable to all forms of cyclo-tourism, the 650B was for several decades prior to the 1970's, the wheel diameter favoured by dedicated tourists. The evolution of society, the change in mentality and the future conception biased towards the competition, and cyclists being influenced by the media's, all have little by little turned the cycle industry towards the racing bike (700C) and VTT (26"). Less promoted by the cycle trade as not being in vogue with the image of the racing cyclist, the 650B was over the years cast aside. The tendency was therefore determined by the manufacturers and constructors wanting to restrict the choice and limit their stocks, but this did nothing to detract from the true qualities of the 650B.

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What is the 650B !

A standard of wheels.
- permitting the practice of all forms of cyclo-tourism (from detailed journey to endurance brevet, from family ride to club randonnee ) in the best conditions due to the perfect compromise between comfort, strength and performance.
- Comfort: due to the possibility of fitting large section tyres (30 to 35 mm.) giving pliability, performance and longevity.
- Control: a lower centre of gravity and better tyre grip.
- Stability: especially when descending due to the gyroscopic effect of the smaller wheel diameter.
- Performance and Strength: due to the smaller diameter with a gain in weight due to the shorter circumference.
The complete assembly offers an optimum efficiency for the activity

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The Confrérie ! Why ?

In order to campaign
- Regroup the tourists and concentrate their energies into preserving the technical heritage of cyclo-tourism and to promote a material that has always been perfectly adaptable to the practice of leisure cycling.
- Utilise all modern methods of communications (Internet) and management, intercede after the manufacturers and distributors to make available to old and new users of the 650B world-wide, the possibility to continue to use and enjoy to the full their material of redilection.

In order to get results
- Build and appoint other privileged partnerships as such already in place,
- the company RIGIDA, which has provided high quality 650B rims for the market,
- the company C.P.A., a tyre wholesaler, who has taken to the production of material for the 650B,
- expand and strengthen the network of 650B specialist constructors and cycle shops providing 650B touring bikes, and maintain a supply of spares and repair services,
- increase the operation code named "Chiche ?" - the construction and support of a special touring cycle "Confrérie des 650". (In place and effective since August 1999),
and to initiate other projects in order to develop specific materials to help spread this mode of cyclo-tourism).

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